An electronic mailing list is a group of email addresses that can receive the exact same email simultaneously. When an email is sent out to the primary address associated with the mailing list, for example –, it is re-sent automatically to all the addresses that are included in that list. This functionality will permit you to contact mailing list subscribers without difficulty, so you can send out newsletters or any other info on a periodic basis to all your clients. Based on the program that is used to manage the mailing list itself, email addresses can be included manually by the list’s administrator or users need to sign up, giving their explicit approval to receive email messages in the future. A mailing list will save you a lot of time and will permit you to keep in touch with your customers with ease, which can reinforce the reputation of your site.
Mailing Lists in Shared Web Hosting
If you’ve got a shared web hosting plan with our company and you want to create an Internet mailing list, it will take less than a minute and several mouse clicks to achieve that. You can add and delete mailing lists using the Email Manager instrument, which is an essential part of our custom-developed Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you will be able to pick the email address from which you will send messages to your mailing list subscribers and the admin address and password which you’ll use, so as to be able to configure different settings, to authorize and delete users, etc. You can update the admin details whenever you like from the very same section of the Control Panel. We employ Majordomo, a popular and powerful mailing list management software app, which will give you full control over the daily email correspondence with your mailing list subscribers.