When you have a virtual or a dedicated server, you'll need to do more things to maintain it in shape compared to a shared web hosting account. It is because the shared servers are monitored by the provider, while with a standalone server you'll be the only one in control. Examples of the tasks that you will have to do are installing server-side programs and keeping them up-to-date, keeping track of the hosting server and rebooting it if required, etc. If you don't have time for such tasks, however, or in case you have never had a server of your own and you feel unclear about what exactly you need to do, you should use our optional administration services. When you do this, our system admins shall handle each one of these additional tasks for you, so you will be able to concentrate on your sites and to promote them, in order to get more visitors and potential clients without spending time and efforts on particulars.
Administration Services in Dedicated Servers
You can take full advantage of our administration services whenever you want. You'll be able to add them to your dedicated server either during the signup process or later through your billing CP. This won't take more than a few mouse clicks and you can choose the tasks that our admin team will deal with. They are able to keep a weekly backup of your content and restore it whenever you want if necessary; they are able to keep an eye on and reboot the dedicated server if some software issue occurs; they're able to update the Operating System running on the server every week to make certain that there aren't any security holes and that your files are safe; and last, but not least, they can take care of anything else you select, like third-party software installation procedures and troubleshooting tasks. You could decide if you would like to use all these services or only some of them and for what amount of time, based on your experience and on the amount of time you can spend dealing with server administration procedures.